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Through a blend of advanced technology and human expertise, we deploy strategic lead generation campaigns across multiple touchpoints. From initial outreach to nurturing and conversion, we orchestrate every step of the journey to maximize your ROI.

  • Crafting and refining your Ideal Client Profiles
  • Sourcing and enriching custom data for your campaigns
  • Crafting and optimizing campaigns

Our proven strategies ensure a continuous flow of WaterfallLeads, cascading into your sales funnel, ready to be nurtured into valuable customers. With our expertise in B2B demand generation, we understand the importance of a targeted approach. Through meticulous research and data-driven tactics, we identify and engage with decision-makers within your industry, maximizing the quality of leads entering your pipeline.

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Different campaigns crafted and executed.

Unique brands served.

Years of experience working with all aspects of the sales and marketing funnel.

Place to be to benefit from all that experience and data in your business.


Efficient Pipeline Services crafted especially for B2B

Prospect Identification and Sourcing

We partner with our clients to not just create an ICP but source actual contact information that is actionable

Multi Channel Outreach

We reach out to prospects across multiple channels numerous times to gather intelligence on where your people are most responsive and what messaging resonates the best.

Prospect Tagging

We create custom tags for prospects and identify the exact right times and touchpoints for optimum ROI.

Webinars and Nurture Campaigns

Not everyone is ready and mature at the same time so we continually create reasons to reach out and stay top of mind for your prospects.


Carletta Waddler

Senior Vice President @ Talent Curve

I am very pleased with the service I received from Gretchen Mall. Gretchen was timely, genuinely caring about the needs of Talent Curve and most importantly she delivered. Our qualified leads increased 100%.

We have used the service for over two years at Talent Curve.

The ease of setting qualified appointments saved the sales team countless hours. My team’s visibility on LinkedIn also significantly increased. We will continue to receive benefits from the increased visibility for some time.

Anna Lewis

CEO @ Top Hat Trivia

Before starting with Waterfall Leads I had a hard time getting the right people on the phone.

Now I'm having meetings booked for me with owners and other decision makers who are excited to meet with me and hear about Top Hat Trivia.

WaterFall Leads is saving me time, money, and helping us expand throughout Chicagoland.


Meet the team behind the waterfall

Gretchen Mall

Chief Executive Officer

Emily Hua

Head of People

Rick Kemp

Head of Community

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WaterfallLeads different from other lead generation services?

Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise to deliver strategic lead generation campaigns tailored to your business. Unlike other services, we don't just stop at initial outreach; we orchestrate every step of the journey, from lead sourcing to nurturing and conversion, ensuring a continuous flow of high-quality leads into your sales funnel.

How does WaterfallLeads ensure the quality of leads for my business?

We understand the importance of targeted lead generation in the B2B landscape. Our team conducts meticulous research and utilizes data-driven tactics to identify and engage decision-makers within your industry. Through customized campaigns and multi-channel outreach, we gather intelligence on your prospects' preferences and behaviors, ensuring that each lead entering your pipeline is highly qualified and ready for conversion.

What services does WaterfallLeads offer to optimize my sales and marketing funnel?

We offer a comprehensive range of services designed specifically for B2B businesses. From crafting and refining Ideal Client Profiles to multi-channel outreach and prospect tagging, we provide efficient pipeline services that maximize ROI. Additionally, our team facilitates speciality webinars and nurture campaigns to keep your brand top of mind for prospects at every stage of the buying journey.

How does WaterfallLeads stay ahead of the curve in B2B lead generation trends?

At WaterfallLeads, we understand the importance of staying updated with the latest trends in B2B marketing. Our team continuously monitors industry developments and conducts thorough research to identify emerging trends and technologies. By leveraging this knowledge, we ensure that our clients benefit from cutting-edge strategies that drive results in today's dynamic marketplace.

How does WaterfallLeads measure the success of its B2B marketing campaigns?

We understand that ROI is crucial for B2B businesses, which is why we employ a range of metrics to track the success of our campaigns. From conversion rates to lead quality and customer acquisition costs, we provide transparent reporting and analytics that enable you to measure the impact of our efforts on your bottom line. By continuously optimizing and iterating our strategies, we ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

What sets WaterfallLeads apart as a sales and marketing partner?

We stand out as a sales and marketing partner thanks to our unique blend of advanced technology and human expertise. Unlike traditional agencies, we don't just provide generic solutions; we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team of seasoned professionals brings over 22 years of experience working with all aspects of the sales and marketing funnel, ensuring that you benefit from industry-leading insights and strategies.

What truly sets us apart, however, is our commitment to results. We don't measure success by the number of leads generated or campaigns launched; we measure it by the impact we have on your bottom line.

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